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A partnership for all – No matter your roots, increase revenue with tools and service designed to set you up for success


A partnership for all – No matter your roots, increase revenue with tools and service designed to set you up for success
ISVsCreate customized programs that helps build stronger and more valuable relationships with your clients.


Simplify integration and minimize time and costs while maximizing revenue

Value Added

Grow your portfolio and reduce attrition with easy solutions for merchant needs


Make closing deals easier with solutions focused on merchant needs and a centralized system to manage your portfolios

Designed To Make your Job Easier

Offer your customers an extensive suite of solutions to meet their individual needs and provide your business with an infrastructure to grow with ease.


Our Team Is Available 24/7 To Handle Any Problem Or Challenge That Arises.

With support at your fingertips, work with a partner who’s always there when the need arises.


We’re dedicated to the latest state-of-the-art technology and tools to ensure your clients stay well equipped.


We’ve Spent The Last 6 Years Building Proprietary Technology To Help Businesses Grow.


Our extensive suite of available solutions allows you the flexibility to pursue clients in all risk levels.


Businesses Are Moving Fast So You Need A Partner That’s A Head Of The Curve To Help You Scale.

We continue to grow.







Acquiring Banks



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Step 1: Submit a Helpdesk Ticket

Step 2: Attach the new Voided Check or Bank letter of the new account

Step 3: Complete the Bank Change Form

Yes, you will receive and email from once your accounts is approved with instructions on how to complete the PCI Survey. You can also submit a Helpdesk Ticket and our team can help you with the survey.

Watch this video on how to respond to a chargeback.

If your batch isn’t matching, watch this video to learn more. If your batch is missing, submit a Helpdesk Ticket so our team can look into it.

Call our Customer Service line at 888-266-1715 option 2

Submit a Helpdesk Ticket requesting to close your account. Please include the reason of the closure.