Coastal Pay


Coastal Pay


Accept Credit Card and ACH payments with the Coastal Pay Gateway. No additional cost for the Coastal Pay Gateway. Higher Approval ratios with the direct connection to Visa.

Instant Boarding

Get your account approved and boarded within 2 minutes

Connect All Chanels

Provide seamless payment infrastructure and integration through all channels to effectively capture the market.

Interchange Optimization

Minimize interchange costs with proper transaction routings to effectively manage transactions.

Taking Payment In Every Way

Taking Payment In Every Way

Every enterprise is unique, and we provide flexible solutions to integrate across all platforms that will help you connect with all channel


With mobile, portable, and desktop options seamlessly communicating through all channels saves you time and effort


Turn site visits into sales with a complete solution from one-click checkouts, recurring billing, mobile ordering, and more.


Keep your team efficient and reduce long queues in busy stores with mobile payment solutions.

Centralized Managment

Manage your business in a centralized system for sales, analytics, and tools to ensure your data is accounted for.

Transaction reporting

Live support communication


Proceeding with the right team in projects determines

the fate of your business.


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Step 1: Submit a Helpdesk Ticket

Step 2: Attach the new Voided Check or Bank letter of the new account

Step 3: Complete the Bank Change Form

Yes, you will receive and email from once your accounts is approved with instructions on how to complete the PCI Survey. You can also submit a Helpdesk Ticket and our team can help you with the survey.

Watch this video on how to respond to a chargeback.

If your batch isn’t matching, watch this video to learn more. If your batch is missing, submit a Helpdesk Ticket so our team can look into it.

Call our Customer Service line at 888-266-1715 option 2

Submit a Helpdesk Ticket requesting to close your account. Please include the reason of the closure.